Mobile : Aperçu et tableau de bord du client

Vous verrez votre tableau de bord dès que vous vous connecterez. Si vous souhaitez y revenir, il vous suffit d'appuyer sur Accueil. Le tableau de bord vous montre tout ce qui nécessite votre attention au plus vite, comme les factures impayées, les messages non lus, le site questionnaires en attente ou les documents non lus. Vous y trouverez également les coordonnées de votre préparateur.

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Your Dashboard

The dashboard is designed for you not to miss any updates. You receive notifications from your preparer’s firm whenever an event occurs, and your Waiting for action section shows you what needs to be done by displaying the status of your action items.

Vous recevez des notifications lorsque votre préparateur ou votre comptable effectue l'une des opérations suivantes :

  • vous demande de signer électroniquement un contrat ou une lettre de mission
  • Vous envoie un questionnaire à compléter
  • Vous envoie un message
  • Crée de nouvelles tâches à accomplir dans un fil de discussion
  • Vous envoyer une facture

Notifications are divided into five sections:

  1. Billing.
  2. Documents.
  3. Chats.
  4. Organizers.
  5. Proposals & ELs.

All of them are displayed in chronological order so that the most recent is on the top. Tap the notification to open chosen invoice, document, chat, organizer or contract.

Notifications automatically disappear once an action item is completed; e.g., you’ve read a message, paid an invoice, viewed an uploaded document or submitted an organizer. If something continues to need your attention, the notification remains. For example, if you’ve started filling out an organizer but haven’t yet submitted it, you’ll still see the notification for it.

Réaliser des actions rapides

At the top of your dashboard, you will find buttons for performing frequently used actions.

  • Upload documents: For more details about this, go here.
  • Done uploading: Send an "I'm completely done uploading" notification to your accountant to show that you uploaded all the necessary documents and are ready to proceed.
  • Make prepayment: Enter your details and card information, then make a payment.

Revoir votre solde

When you still have invoices due, the outstanding balance is displayed inside your profile. Tap your profile picture to see the Outstanding balance. To the left of that, you’ll see your total available credit, which you can put toward any money owed, whether now or later.

Find Helpful Tips

Not sure what to do? Tap the Questions mark in the top right corner to find more information about the chosen area of the app.

There are two additional buttons: 

  • Show onboarding. Get tips on how to start using the app by following the initial steps. This option is exclusively available in the Home section.
  • Rate this app. Provide feedback for the app by leaving a rating and comments. Your input is valuable to us in enhancing our service.
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