Mobile: How to E-Sign a Proposal

Discover the ease of e-signing proposals right from your mobile device. Learn how to navigate through proposals, e-sign them, and even print them for your convenience.

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Proposals, explained

A proposal, such as an engagement letter or contract , is used to define the scope of engagement between you and an accounting or tax-prep firm. Your accountant creates a custom proposal specifically for your situation. Usually, you have to sign the proposal electronically before the firm starts performing services for you.

Once you have a pending proposal, you’ll see a notification in the Home section under the Proposals & ELs subsection. Click the notification to open the proposal.

To see all proposals that need your attention, tap the Proposals & ELs button in the Home section or the same button in the More section.

You’ll find the following information about your proposals here:

  • Name: The proposal’s name.
  • Date: The date the proposal was signed (only applicable to signed or unfinished proposals).
  • Status: The status will be the date the proposal was signed if you have already e-signed the proposal or started filling it out. If the proposal has not yet been e-signed, the status will be Pending.
  • Status icon: Proposals you have already signed have the green check mark, proposals you started filling out are marked with the grey clock mark and those that are pending have no icon.

Click Load More to see other proposals waiting for your action.

E-Signing proposals

To review and sign a proposal, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the proposal’s name.

2. Review the contents of the proposal, and tap the Next button.

3. On the Sign & accept screen:

  1. Appuyez sur la case Votre signature .
  2. Toggle Accepter les conditions.
  3. Tap Complete.

C'est fait ! Votre comptable sera informé que vous avez terminé de remplir le site questionnaire.

Printing a proposal

You can easily print any proposal, whether pending or signed. Tap the name of the proposal to open it, then tap the Print button at the top right of the page.

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