Installation de l'application mobile du portail client pour Android/iOS

To start using TaxDome Client Portal on mobile, you’ll first need to download and install our application.

Please note: You will not be able to use the TaxDome Client Portal Mobile application until you have registered on TaxDome. You can go to our page on how to create an account with TaxDome if you need any help.

1. Download the TaxDome Client Portal mobile app for Android or iOS using the links below.


  • Open Google Play or App Store, then search for TaxDome Client Portal
  • Navigate to login page of your portal and click on the store's icon.
  • Navigate to the Settings section of your portal and click the store's icon under Download Apps.

2. Tap Install, then wait while the app is downloaded, installed, and verified by your device.

3. After the app is installed, tap OPEN.

4. Now you can sign into your TaxDome account.

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